Corporate Training

If you seek a more standardized course for professional development, I can provide step-by-step manuals for full-day and half-day training sessions.  These can be customized from a long list of popular topics to accommodate the specific needs in your organization.

I use a book series from Logical Operations which is very popular in the training industry.  Training can be delivered in your workplace, at Groover Labs in Wichita, KS, or virtually via your favorite video conferencing platform.

I also customize my own webinar and workshop series for your specific needs for one-hour, two-hour and three-hour sessions. With 30 years of instructional design experience, I feel very good about the outcomes I can deliver in shorter time frames to give you a great return on investment!

Customized Training for your Organization

  • Create a Professional Development Plan for Your Employees
  • Train and Retain the Talent You’ve Hired
  • Customize Learning Solutions for your Team
  • Eliminate Repetitive Tasks & Costly Mistakes
  • Improve Processes & Workflows to Save Time & Money
  • Build Employee Knowledge & Confidence
  • Utilize Hybrid Capabilities to Combine In-Person and Online Attendees
  • Learn to Calculate Your Return on Investment for Training

Workshop & Webinar Topic Ideas

Of course!  We can provide a list of popular topics within any given software platform and arrange them to fit your audience’s needs.

Click to view an interactive topic list

Yes, you can afford private training.  Shortened time-frames and specific training topics pinpoint your needs and address the issues at hand.  Virtual options also allow for custom training to be delivered remotely without the expense of travel.  Recorded replays can be maintained in your own Learning Library to allow a continuation of training after the live event. 

Book a consultation and request an estimate specific to your requirements.

Well, I am human, so that does occur!  As a long-time corporate trainer, I have built an amazing set of resources to problem-solve, identify issues and find solutions for my clients.  I am great with follow-up and will connect you with the right people and resources to address your needs.

Yes, I have taught such a wide variety of software products over nearly 30 years as a professional technical educator, many issues are recognizable, even if the software is unfamiliar.  These issues are best handled one-on-one.  Please see One-on-One training solutions.

Dawn is the first employee I hired in 1995 for my ExecuTrain computer training office and after years of dedicated service proved to be one of the best instructors I ever hired. She has a special ability for making learning fun.
Cliff P.
I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing and working with Dawn for well over ten years now and I must say, I have always been impressed with the depth of her knowledge and genuine passion about technology and the learning process - which is demonstrated best in the classroom. Dawn has an incredibly welcoming personality which coupled with her engaging teaching style, undoubtedly encourages and lends to students being active participants in the classroom. She always answers the call for a challenge and delivers time-and-time-again.
Justin B.
I took the Canva training from Dawn in October 2020. Within an hour, she had me comfortable with the tools and I felt confident to create my own publications. My quarterly newsletter has drastically improved and I took home lots of ideas to level up my PowerPoint game. Thank you Dawn!
Julie S.